Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a thought

Things that inspire you are all around, but true JOY comes when you least expect it. I have definately had my trials over the last year, but in every instance, God has given me things to inspire me and keep me moving forward, but I sit and think about all of the things that I have tried to create for myself and it is no wonder I was not finding Joy in them. God gives us joy when we quit trying to rule over our own lives.

So in this journey of spiritual maturity, we walk this path trying to develop the skills we need to be successful, but all to often we try to take our own path which is usually a detour. I hope that learning about myself will help me to limit those detours. Lord help me to widen my dimensions to see your end result. Help me to not try and rush through life, but to enjoy it as it comes along. Lord help me put my inadequacies behind me and bottle up those fears which bind me from what I want to accomplish in you and in life. Take time to put you first so that I will have nothing to be sad about later. You have a plan in me and I am your perfect creation.

Be Blessed

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