Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am still not completely in love with the idea of ASU being the RED WOLVES, but isn't it strange how when they changed their identity, it changed their confidence. A friend of mine made a comment just this week that isn't it strange that the RED WOLVES scored more points in "1" game than they did the entire time I was in college. IT'S true!!! Needless to say though, I am excited about what is going on there. Coach Roberts is an amazing coach and has an amazing coaching staff. IT is so great that ASU has a Christian Head Football Coach, who encourages his players to pray and to dedicate themselves to something more than football. God is faithful to us and he is faithful to ASU FOOTBALL...IT's time for a RED WOLVES 1st DOWN!!!!!

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baseball boys said...

I'm still rebelling against the name change too. Oh well...change is inevitable!