Friday, March 28, 2008

Sitting At Work

So here I am in my office writing on my blog...I know what you are thinking...why doesn't she do some work...Well I finished early so I had some time to write!

I have been reading "The Five Love Languages For Singles". Wow it is really powerful! I have found that I am 1 of the 5...I am one who enjoys Quality Time. So many times we let out lives pass us by. We never truly learn to love the ones we are around the way they need to be loved. When I told Stratton that I was reading this book, first of all he asked me why I bought a book for singles..."I had to tell him that I wasn't married yet so therefore I am single...I figured if I had to check the box for my taxes then it reigned true". Secondly he wanted to know why I felt the need to read the book, "I simply told him that I want to know how to make the people in my life feel loved". This book is very telling in that while reading, you can see the different people the book is talking about. Those who just need to hear a word to know you care. Those who need "THINGS" to feel loved. Those who need you to do things for them, AKA "Acts of Service". Those who need a pat on the back or a big bear hug!!! Or if your like me, you just need 5 minutes of quality time. I hope that in learning these things, I will be able to initiate them into my everyday life so that those individuals who are around me will know they are loved because I am speaking their language.